State of Environmental Affairs in India

About Us​

SVEAR is a Society working  to help nature and environment grow.  SVEAR has spread awareness among school children and many corporates in India to realize the importance of subjects like climate change and need for biodiversity protection. SVEAR mean Solidarity of Volunteers for Environment Awareness revolution.

Our Mission


Awareness and education are the basic tools for environment protection. SVEAR mission is to forge knowledge among children & youth, create awareness at the grassroots level for people to act and be thoughtful about their surrounding to protect environment.

Through consistent and thoughtful efforts SVEAR is dedicated and will contribute in making World an environmentally responsible society.

Why Choose Us

SVEAR Foundation(Solidarity of Volunteers for Environmental Awareness Revolution) is a Not for Profit organization which was established in India, in year 2010 by Ms Jyoti Saini as founder and later in 2014 had obtained the National NGO status in the field of environment protection. SVEAR works on a concept of revolutionizing people, especially youth brigade to be sincere in working towards protecting environment, practice a good deed, forge knowledge and educate people to protect environment from all negative impact. Volunteers and associates of SVEAR are concerned and dedicated towards creating a lasting impact in society to make Earth a pro-environment society.

Your awareness about the Environment will help the maintain climate on Earth

By participation in mission to protect the climate by filling this awareness questioner we can work together to share the information about the climate change

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