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Solidarity of Volunteers for Environmental Awareness Revolution

SVEAR Foundation(Solidarity of Volunteers for Environmental Awareness Revolution) is a Not for Profit organization which was established in India, in year 2010 by Ms Jyoti Saini as founder and later in 2014 had obtained the National NGO status in the field of environment protection. SVEAR is dedicated to create awareness among not only children and youth but also in all age groups to protect environment from the hazardous impact created by people through various commercial , non-commercial activities, negligence and lack of knowledge about protecting the environment.
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SVEAR works on a concept of revolutionizing youth brigade to be sincere in working towards protecting environment, practice a good deed, forge knowledge and educate people by creating a religion to protect environment from all negative impact. Volunteers and associates of SVEAR are concerned and dedicated towards creating a lasting impact in society to make Earth a pro-environment society.

SVEAR adopts multidimensional approach which involves ground activities, online and direct campaigns, workshops in schools & communities through various medium involving active participation by kids, youth from schools & colleges, Government & non government organization, Residential Welfare & Industrial Associations, Institutions and corporate houses. Organizing various one to one interactive meetings, regional, State & national level campaigns and programs on related subject is the key to bring like minded people together and create a sizable impact.

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